Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Random Things on a Wednesday

I don't know that I planned to make this a weekly thing, but it has worked out that way for now. We shall see.

1. I bought a couch this weekend. I am psyched. (I can do a cheer using that word, but it's boring, so I'll spare you...) I love it, even though I never would have picked it out from the online picture of it (it is WAY better-looking in person, plus it is SO comfortable that I might want to just lay on it all of the time... and you can't tell that from a picture.) I'm very happy with our purchase and Memorial Day weekend is an ideal time to purchase furniture, because all the major furniture stores have deals and discounts, etc.

2. I finally got my Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They are everything I thought they would be.

3. Fuss peed and pooed on the potty voluntarily this past weekend. There was much rejoicing. She proudly picked out a pair of panties to wear instead of a diaper and despite us asking if she needed to go to the potty, she promptly soiled them fifteen minutes later. So much for it being suddenly easy.

4. My dad started the construction on our new room last night! I am SO excited that things are moving, even if it means that our AC is having to work a little harder since apparently, there was more energy leak than we expected! (And my dad was interrupted about 2 hours into his initial demolition by a problem at work) But I'm ready to have this begun (and I have been!) since we're down to 92 days before this baby appears! (or until my planned induction, anyway - if he comes early, then we obviously have even less time!)

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