Friday, June 4, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Burn Notice. Love it.

2. I am feeling a little screwy these days - emotionally, mentally, whatever. I'm minorly concerned for what this means for my mental state after the baby comes. But maybe I'm just being weirdly emotional/hormonal now when I think that way.

3. Had a discussion w/ my husband tonight about how I am craving him being home all the time. He wanted to know how we find a balance between his needs to have occasional Man Time and my need to have him around. I felt like laughing. When do I get to have Girl Time that doesn't include my child(ren)? Obviously I am not expecting to actually get away from the child in utero, but geez.

4. I haven't had a night out with an adult female since October. I can tell you he has had weekly meetings for a Bible study for the past 6 weeks and several weekend outings (afternoons or evenings) with friends at least 4 times that I can think of off the top of my head in addition to that in the last 3 months. I did get a couple of hours w/ my mom a few weeks ago, which was a fun time, but it was marred by my dental appointment at the end.

5. Our couch is being delivered today! I am psyched!

6. My dogs seem to be objecting to spending so much time in the open sun room. They hang out out there when we're not home and when they are eating. They have liked the activity and the freedom when my dad is here in the afternoons (they get to go out to the back yard then) but they are whinier than usual when I put them out to eat and don't get them immediately, instead of just laying down for a nap. Guess I should go get them...

7. Trey has been SO active this morning - kicking and rolling and moving around. It's so fun to feel him moving (at least when I'm not trying to sleep!) but he tends to spend all his time on my right side - I rarely feel him on my left.

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  1. I'm 26 weeks along, too, and also feeling "a little screwy these days." Must be a 26 week thing. I hope you feel better soon! :)