Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes on My Anniversary

1. Today is my 5 year anniversary. We are headed out of town. Aunt J is staying with Fuss and we are going to enjoy the better part of 2 days without being parents. I am in need of a break and I think, maybe, she is too. Things have been tough this week, for all of us.

2. Today would have been my official due date with Numfar. I don't think about it much, these days, but sometimes the longing is tough. But then, it wouldn't be the baby I am carrying and I know God is in control of all. He has a plan, He knows what could have been and what should be and I can trust Him for that.

3. Yesterday I was BUSY. I had errands to run and didn't quite get all of them done, but I got the most important ones completed, so that is what counts the most!

4. Daddy Fuss is taking my van in for an oil change this morning, since we are past due and we don't want to put the extra miles on it before taking care of it. I am so grateful to him for taking care of these little things, sometimes! It is SO hard to get the van into the shop for a regular oil change with Fuss in tow. We used to just drop off one car, and the other person would pick the driver up and we could go do what we wanted to do. Now that involves switching car seats to a car in which it doesn't really fit very well and that is more trouble than it's worth. So he is sitting in the shop, waiting for them to do the van while I am at home finishing up details like packing.

5. I don't think I'll have the energy to climb the lighthouse this trip. But we may take the tour at the fort. St. Augustine is the oldest city in Florida and it's full of some great historical landmarks. But mostly? I want to relax. And eat. And rest and relax some more.

6. I finally bought a second pair of maternity shorts yesterday. There was no way I was going to survive the summer with only one pair of shorts - eventually they have to go into the laundry and I have officially decided that it is too warm for jeans. This is weird for me, since a few years ago I didn't even OWN any shorts because I hated the way my legs looked. (I still do, but now I feel that my comfort should transcend my vanity.) I would mostly rather wear next-to-nothing, but since that is frowned upon in public (and I REALLY don't look good enough for that - sometimes vanity DOES have to win), I need shorts and tanks. It's unfortunate that maternity clothes have to cost so much, when you only really wear them for a short time (and I wear them as long as possible, trust me), but I had to bite the bullet and just DO IT this time.

7. How did my house get to be such a mess again? It was looking fabulous a week ago. This is going to drive me crazy.

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  1. I'm so jealous! I'm desperate to get away. Somewhere. Anywhere. We haven't gone on a single trip (beyond visiting the in-laws) for two years! We have one planned for February, but that's a long time from now...