Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday we an all day long scream-fest sponsored by my Little Man. I have NO idea what was up, even now. We are assuming it was gas, compounded by over-tiredness since he couldn't sleep due to the discomfort of the gas and his screaming was making the gas worse... you get the idea. Once he FINALLY took a nice long nap (it was about 6:30pm by this point) he got back to his normal self. But wow. There was a lot of screaming in this house.

There was a lot of screaming at my mom's house last night, too. My step-dad and step-brothers are die-hard Packers fans (they grew up in WI) so there was a lot of cheering, groaning, nail-biting and finally exultation during the Super Bowl last night. My only local step-brother was there and they were texting back and forth with the others. It was fun to watch the game with someone who was really into their team winning. Afterward, my oldest step-brother posted on FB that the happiest day of his life was the day he married his wife, but that this was the second happiest. (and oddly, I don't doubt it.) They are THAT into football and the Packers.

There was also a lot of screaming last night in the backyard of my next-door neighbor's house. They didn't get quiet until almost 4am. My neighbor is a Packers fan and had a Super Bowl party and they just were SO hyped that they kept letting out these "hurrah!"s which, incidentally kept waking me up. It baffles me that so many adults can get together and act like children and not have to deal with responsibilities the next day.

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