Thursday, February 17, 2011

Throwing up my hands

I had this brilliant idea for a blog post last night as I was drifting off to sleep. Apparently, it got lost on the way to the morning.

We're in the midst of a potty-training stand still. She is just so STUBBORN. And I'm starting to think that she might even be more stubborn than I am. The first days of potty training hardcore were over a week ago. She did GREAT! We took off her pull-ups, told her she was going to start having to wear panties and that she would need to keep them dry and tell us when she needed to go potty. She had one accident right off, but then did great all day until right after nap time. But still! I honestly didn't expect her to sleep dry (which she did, but she didn't make it more than a few steps out of her room when she got up.) And I was starting to think pretty good things after day 1! On Sunday, she either held it or went on the potty all through Sunday School (we didn't get a report from the teacher, but she was still in the same dress and panties when we picked her up) and tried to go while we were out, but had trouble and I let her get up after awhile, but a few minutes later, she went poo in her panties and had to change. No biggie, doing fine.

She stayed dry from then until naptime and then... I put her in a pull-up for nap and somewhere along the way Daddy Fuss decided to put her in one for our outing that evening. And it's all been down hill from there.

I've tried bribes and presents. I've tried rewards. I've tried plastic pants. (which were my own turning point - 30 years ago those things were uncomfortable! they've apparently "improved" since then and they don't bother her in the least) I've tried making her get rinsed off in cold water after she has an accident. And nothing works. NOTHING. She fights me when I suggest that she try and sit on the potty. Even if I can wrestle her onto the potty and get her to sit there, she's so worked up there is no way she will relax enough to actually pee there.

I had to go back to pull-ups when I ran out of clean underwear. (for her, mine is just fine, thankyouverymuch) And this week, she managed to give herself a pretty severe diaper rash by lying to me about going in her pull-ups and sitting in filth for too long. (It has gotten to the point where she will get a rash for being in a dirty diaper for more than 20 or 30 minutes.) She is howling with pain every time I have to change her/clean her up and I just don't know what to do anymore.

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