Friday, February 4, 2011

Quick Takes that took a long time

1. Sometimes, a mommy needs to be able to take a shower by herself. Lately, my daughter has shown an interest in taking a shower with me. Every. Day. But since that is often the only completely private time I get, I try and talk her out of it. Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't. Sometimes she needs a shower. Sometimes she doesn't.

2. My headaches - the daily ones - are back and driving me nuts. I really need a GP Dr. and talk to him/her about this, I guess.

3. I have barely been out of the house in 2 weeks. I kind of can't wait for my husband to be home this weekend. Of course, he made plans to go hang out with his buddy for several hours tomorrow. (But it has a purpose and I'll still get out of the house several times this weekend)

4. I just ordered a custom tutu from Simply Sweet Baby Boutique for part of Fuss's birthday present. I cannot wait to see it. She is going to love it! SSBB has a bunch of amazingly cute items for all the little people in your life. (I also won a cute little tie for Little Man and a nursing cover for my sister at the comment game on FB this week )

5. My mother-in-law brought over the movie Aristocats last weekend and left it over here for us to borrow. I think Fuss has requested it every day this week.

6. I bought some paper crafting supplies and stickers out of the dollar bins at Target and I'm going to have Fuss make Valentines for the family. This will be our first attempt at crafts together. Wish me luck!

7. The Little Man wants to be held ALL. THE. TIME. If he is sleeping, I can set him down, but awake, he wants to be in my arms. It's making for difficulties doing chores or eating during the day.

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  1. The only time I get to shower alone is the occasional morning when M isn't up yet while I get ready for work. Otherwise, she always comes with me. It's easier than giving her a bath, but I do long for solo showers.