Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A bullet list because my brain is addled

  • I have all these little things to do today. I need to get started on my writing assignment for Writing Group (thanks for emailing, Maggie!) I need to make some phone calls and make some appointments for myself and other members of the family (including the dog), I need to do laundry and dishes. I might be getting a new cell phone today..., I need to call my sister.

  • But I am unmotivated and I have a mildly congested, clingy baby boy, so who knows what is going to happen today?

  • I watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10 yesterday for lack of something better on TV while I nursed and did a handful of chores. I am pathetic.

  • Planning for the multiple celebrations that will be Fuss's birthday is starting to get out of hand. All I know for sure is that she wants a store-bought pretty cake. Fine by me! Will have to select it this weekend.

  • Have received about 1/2 of her birthday presents thus far (a handful of small things, mostly) but I'm trying to decide WHEN to give them to her - with the family dinner on Wednesday? Or wait until Friday for her ACTUAL birthday? Do I want her to be able to wear her tutu for the dinner or just for the day on Friday?

  • I really need to get more sleep. How horrible do you think CIO is going to be?

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