Friday, February 25, 2011

A good one...

I spent my Thursday very differently from most Thursdays. I sat on the floor of my living room with my children and I played toddler games. I spun her new Princess tops, I played Strawberry Shortcake Memory, I bowled a rubber bowling ball into foam pins. We watched a movie together and I read her stories. I tickled my son and made him giggle. I did almost nothing productive, but my children were happy. It was a good day.

Despite the potty wars continuing (we had some success today! I changed tactics and it seems to be working) it was a really good day. Despite my husband being gone for more than 13 hours straight and missing the bulk of the time the kids were awake... somehow, it was mostly a good day.

The last few hours were tough. Trying to get SOMETHING done, dinner, fussy baby, (and having to give him medicine in smaller doses, twice as often), coughing myself and blowing my nose several dozen times... I had a good day.

Friday (today) is Fuss's 3rd birthday. I cannot believe she is 3. It's amazing. More later.

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