Thursday, February 10, 2011

Comfort Objects (for lack of a more creative title)

Inspired by Maggie's post at Parenting today to talk about "lovies" in the lives of our kids. (I don't use that term very often. My best friends kids call their collection of comfort objects "goodies" and that one annoys me, too.)

With Fuss, I sort of chose her blanket for her. Her beautiful purple blankie was a gift from my SIL, LB, and she and I both liked it so much that I bought a back up and that has been her blanket ever since. Her favorite stuffed animal is her Maddie the Monkey (a pink stuffed monkey with a pacifier in it's head) but then she has a bunch of other stuffed "friends" that rotate as her Number 2. The thing is, I have my favorites, too. The ones I want her to keep and play with, that mean something because of the time she received it or person who gave it.

Mostly, the ones I like best are Disney related. I like Disney (in jr high and high school, my friends and I were obsessed with Disney, but my adoration has receded since then. it's just sort of coincidental that my favorite toys of hers are Disney characters). She has a Mickey Mouse that we got for her during our Disney trip last fall, a Pooh bear that my MIL bought her from Kohls when be brought Little Man home from the hospital, and a baby Lady (from Lady and the Tramp) we got recently. She also has a large stuffed roly poly hedgehog (a guard-Hedgehog, really) that my mom got her a couple years ago that "protects her from the monsters" at night. (Because, as we all know, Monsters are scared of hedgehogs.) There's also the first teddy bear I ever gave her (a Build-a-bear we named Isabella Bear, Bella for short), but she seems to have lost interest in that lately. She also has this huge stuffed Nemo that we got her the first time we went away to Disney without her. I have this picture of her carting that to her first sleepover in elementary school. (It has a large pocket in the back that can hold pajamas or something of the sort.)

She likes these toys, but for some reason, one of her other favorites is a tiny, floppy blue bear with teething discs for paws that was given to her 2nd hand by a friend. (It hadn't been used as a teething toy for either Fuss or the original child that had it, but it was designed to be an option.) I guess there is no accounting for taste in nearly 3-yr-olds.

I have a couple of blankets for Little Man that I'm trying to figure out which one will be his favorite while I can still get duplicates. It seems like as long as there is some satin on it, he's happy so far. I keep intending to make him one, but I don't have my sewing machine, so that's been a problem thus far. I also have a couple of animals that I'm trying to see if he has any interest in, but thus far, nada. I just ordered him a paci animal to see if that helps him keep better track of his paci.

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