Monday, February 28, 2011

My Big Girl

We had a great weekend celebrating Fuss's birthday!

We also seem to be having some success on the potty-training front. On Thursday, I switched to a chart method. I give her a star for her chart every time she successfully goes potty on the potty as long as she doesn't have any type of accident - be it in her pants or on the floor or whatever. Not even a little. I had a chart from the back of one of her books on PTing and there are 4 rows of 11 places for stars. At the end of each line (11 spots) she gets a bigger sticker and a prize from the "prize bag" ($ store gifts) and I've told her that once the whole chart is full, we will go to Target and buy her a gift of her choice. (I'm planning on a $20 limit, but we haven't discussed that yet.) Since she's been loving to "shop" lately, I think that is part of the motivation.

Whatever the deal is, she is doing it. Even while we were away, she did SO good. We still have daily accidents, but they are fewer and further between and usually they have to do with waiting or too much excitement and chaos. But she's getting pretty good at holding it, even, so things are looking up.

We had a great, if tiring, weekend. We were out SO late on Friday night - we didn't sit down to dinner out until after 7:30 and then it took FOREVER. Then Fuss would just NOT settle down once we got back to the hotel - she just kept popping up and wanting to talk and be up, etc. We were in a room with a set of bunk beds, a twin bed that my MIL slept on and a king. But she didn't want to settle until all the lights were off and we were settled, too, etc. It was crazy. I don't think she went to sleep until after 11.

And then, the next day she didn't get a nap because we were at the park. But that night, she finally slept good that night, thank goodness, despite the fact that my MIL had to get up at 1:30 to be at her volunteer post for the race (she was volunteering for the Disney Princess Race that my SILs were running) by 3:30am. (Insanity!) (Can you tell, that I wasn't so lucky as to sleep through her waking and rummaging around?)

We saw Shamu, which, unfortunately was a bit of a disappointment after the last time Daddy Fuss and I were there. (We haven't been there in about 3 years, I think, but regardless, it was long before the bad accident they had last year and I couldn't tell if they were more timid because of that or what the story was...) But Fuss had fun seeing the sea lions, otter and walrus at the Clyde and Seymour show, Shamu and friends (including a baby and several more whales - I think at one point there was about 7 whales in the tank), dolphins, rays and penguins. She also got to ride her first roller coaster in their little kid part.

I cannot believe she is 3. It baffles me. When did she get so big? When did her little short legs get so long? When did she get so smart? When did her hair get so long?

She got the tutu I mentioned previously for her birthday and I was heart-broken when she didn't immediately want to put it on (she told me it was "scratchy" which I remember saying when I was her age, but this tutu was WAY softer than the tulle of my own childhood) but once I convinced her to put it on... well, she spent half of the afternoon yesterday dancing around in her tutu and it was SO cute.

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  1. Margaret got a tutu for Christmas (from my sister) and she HATES it. She does not understand why we would put her through the torture of wearing it. Its adorable, too, and made of non-scratchy stuff. I think she just feels like it restricts her movement. Maybe when she's 3!