Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bodily fluids

I had no time to post yesterday. None. I JUST realized that I didn't write the memorial I was going to write for the member of my "family" who passed away on Monday.

I was peed on, pooped on, and puked on yesterday, and all during the hours my husband was at work. In between bodily functions, I worked on cleaning the house and readying it for Fuss's family birthday party last night. This is included a run to the grocery store to pick up her "pretty cake", as she had asked for a store-bought cake this year after drooling over the beautifully decorated cakes every week as we grocery shop. (Our local branch of the grocery store houses the district bakery, so the biggest and most talented bakers and cake decorators all work there.)

She really struggled with the potty training yesterday and I was SO tired of mopping up pee puddles, especially since I was trying to CLEAN the house. Little Man started having explosive diapers in reaction to the antibiotics he is on. When I first got him up, I discovered that his diaper was so full, it shot up the back of him, all through his onesie and all over both of us. There were more of those to come. He spit up all of his second breakfast all over me and my bed and if that wasn't enough, he had some projectile vomiting after his afternoon nap that ended up all over my bed. He then proceeded to spit up/throw up his entire portion of milk all over me, the floor and the chair I usually sit in (thus prompting a second bath for him, and 3rd change of clothes for myself). By this time, I was so stressed and panicked that the baby was ill and that things weren't going to get done around the house. As it was, my husband and my SIL had to help me finish getting the kids ready and getting the meal ready. I later had to change yet again when yet another explosive diaper occurred and leaked all over me.

It was, pardon the pun, a crappy day. And one I don't wish to repeat. We're spreading out his antibiotic now to hopefully decrease the chances of more vomit.


  1. Does Fuss have the same problem with antibiotics? Antibiotics don't bother Margaret's system very much and I REALLY REALLY hope our boy turns out to be the same.

  2. Jessica - Fuss is allergic to amoxicillan but that came out in hives, not barfing. My theory on Little Man's issues was that since they gave him a stronger medication since he just came off the amox for an ear infection, it was just too much for his little body. He hasn't seemed to have a problem with me giving him half as much twice as often since they changed that.