Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Panic, Parties and Programs

On Monday night, we went to my husband softball game and then went to dinner after. While we were eating, I started to feel really tight in my shoulders and it got worse and worse until it was beginning to be unbearable. I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom - I don't know what my motivation was, really, other than I felt like my body was beginning to freak out and I didn't want to have a fit or something in front of the other patrons. (Really, I have no idea why I chose to leave the table...) but I continued feeling SO tight that it became hard to breathe deeply. It was the closest thing I've ever felt to a panic attack, I think, but it was awful. (Oddly, i don't recall anything to panic about in our conversation or situation at the time. Weird.) My husband called me on the cell phone to check on me and I explained how I was feeling. He had me come back to the table and coached me through some breathing and rubbed my shoulders.

I loosened up a little with his help and was able to drive home without incident. I ended up with a headache once we got home, but was able to feed the baby and sit down and relax with some TV (Lie to Me - what are they doing to the schedule on FOX these days?)

I have no idea where any of it came from. It was bizarre and I hope I never experience that again.


My mom was always strict about the type of shows that I was allowed to watch when I was a kid. I never argued (until I was a teen and figured I should be allowed to watch shows that other kids my age were watching) but now I'm dealing with Fuss arguing when I tell her the show on TV is not appropriate and she needs to turn it off. (She can watch the pre-school shows on Disney, but once they sing the "Ooh, ahh ahh, Bye-Bye" song, I don't like the shows for older kids, so she is not allowed to watch them.

Of course, I guess we didn't have cable until I was 5 or 6, so maybe I would have been more difficult as a toddler - who knows?


Trying to come up with birthday present ideas for Fuss is HARD. I did so much for her at Christmas, that now, I'm like - what now? We are taking her to Sea World for her birthday (worked out sort of randomly to have a hotel for cheap in Orlando for the weekend of her birthday, and I know she'll love Sea World and I always do, so... ) but we're not really going to have a party, I don't think. (I kind of hate throwing little kid parties. Is that horrible? We always do a family celebration and last year we took her to Disney - albeit 9 months later, but still - for her big celebration and now we're taking her to Sea World - but I wonder if I'm short-changing her somehow, by not throwing her a party with little friends and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and party hats and cupcakes...

What do you think? Should I throw my 3-yr-old a party?

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  1. Last year we did Spencer's party at a local park so the kids could just play on the playground, and we did a cookout (hotdogs, hamburgers, etc) and I made cupcakes. It was very low key with no kiddie games or anything. This year we're toying with the idea of Chuck E Cheese because it was so cold last year and there's so much going on around here, but honestly he (and Caroline) are not going to remember it - I say if you don't want to, don't do it. She's going to have plenty of birthdays where she actually cares.

    We watch Phineas and Ferb in this house because my husband loves it but Spencer doesn't really watch or care about it or Fish Hooks (gag me) which are the shows that come on after. As a matter of fact, he doesn't really care about most of the shows except his beloved Caillou (on Sprout) so it's all just background noise anyhow.