Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Quick, well, you know

1. I have noticed this week, that the earlier Fuss takers her nap, the shorter her nap. If I can keep her up (and keep from wanting to strangle her) until 2:00 or later, she usually takes a decent nap and I have minimal time for her to ramp up the fussiness before her daddy gets home. Those are the days I prefer.

2. I have a weird rash under my arms and I'm not sure what caused it. It's driving me crazy, though and I'm over it. I'm trying some Benedryl cream on it, but I hope that fixes it, since i don't know that I can take anything else and it is really irritating.

3. My friend Jo had her big ultrasound yesterday and signs point to a girl this time around for her. Several of my friends who had boys are having girls this time around. My husband keeps getting this feeling that I'm having a boy this time, but I'm really not sure.

4. I'm loving this new season of Burn Notice, but the 10:00 time on a night when I have to go to work the next day is killing me. Same goes with White Collar. I relly miss having that on Fridays and wish the networks would quit messing with my schedule.

5. My Saints won the NFC Championship last weekend, despite the major amount of smack talk from my step-dad (a lifetime Packers fan and a big fan of Brett Favre). He also bet my husband a bottle of wine that not only would the Vikings win, but that they'd win by 14 points or more. Guess he owes us a bottle, huh? But I'm very excited that my cousin-in-law who is from the New Orleans area, was able to pick me up a Saints hat while she's "home" this week. I've been looking all over for Saints gear (for a couple of years. I've been a Saints fan since 2004, even when they stunk. I'm not a bandwagon girl) and it's impossible to find in FL. A is sending to me through the mail and I'm psyched!

6. I can't figure out a cute way to announce my pregnancy on my FB page. My husband announced it last night by letting everyone know my current cravings (Sushi and Sugar cookies) and we're hearing lots of feedback from mutual friends, but I have others who are only my friends and... you get the idea.

7. I keep getting weird symptoms that I'm sure are pregnancy related or not. But my back continues to twinge and twitch, I don't have the best circulation in my hands these days, I'm back to frequent (usually mild) headaches, more irritability. And I'm starting to truly fear that there might, in fact, be a boy inside me. What on earth am I gonna do with one of those?

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'd just go with a simple 'Fuss is going to be a big sister!' FB announcement to get it off your chest. Unless you have a terrible desire to one-up your hubby, in which case, I'm no help :)

    Here's hoping your weird symptoms clear up soon!