Monday, February 1, 2010

A weird case of the Mondays

This is going to be a weird post because I want to talk about several unrelated things and I have no idea how to transition them, so just to give you some warning: weird post.

I nearly fell asleep at work this morning. Partly, this was due to the fact that it was gross and drizzly outside (which is really the best time to sleep, or at the very least curl up on the couch and do nothing) and also that no customers were coming in due to said weather. Also partly to blame: my first trimester.

When the shift finally ended (it seemed interminable) I took Fuss out to the car, slid her in her seat, put my stuff down, and got behind the wheel. I was desperate to stop for gas (riding on fumes) so when I pulled into the gas station, Fuss popped down out of her seat and stood next to me. Yeah. I put my kid in her car seat and forgot to buckle her in. I am not winning Mother of the Year.

I righted the wrong and got my gas and we got home without further incident, but I started to think about what COULD have happened and had a bit of a freak out. Needless to say, will be much more cautious in the future.


The lovely Maggie had a great post this morning about her early days of grocery shopping and it made me think of my own early days of grocery shopping. And so now, i have to copy her. Because I do. Because it's on my brain and I just really think I want to write about it.

So, as a kid, those eating food in my house were just my two parents, both of who worked full-time (and then some at certain points) and me. In later years, my dad was home so infrequently, that I don't remember us making him dinner regularly. But my mom tried to stick with a weekly shopping trip for the most part, but she didn't do the menu thing very often unless there was a request and again, in later years we ate a LOT of fast food because we were out so late and it was just her and me, etc. (I would go to work with her nearly every day after school, or hang out with my "sister" also at work since we owned the place and she would take me home after 7:30, depending on where my mom was working, etc.) She stilled cooked regularly, but I don't know that she put a lot of forethought into the meals when she shopped.

When in college, my parents split up and my mom and I became like roommates. We rarely had a sit-down meal, just the 2 of us and so when we wanted something from the grocery, we would simply go, get what we needed at the time and use it accordingly. But when I started dating Daddy Fuss, we were both working, had few personal expenses (both living at home, rent-free) and to get any sort of "privacy" we would go out. To eat. I love to eat out. He cooked for me at my mom's periodically, but again it was a "go to the store and get what you need" sort of deal.

When we got married, we'd make a somewhat regular trip to the grocery store, but we only rarely felt like cooking after we got home from work and we ate out probably 2-3 times during the work week, and usually all weekend ( we actually had a regular breakfast cafe on weekend mornings. They knew us by name and knew our orders or pretty close. We also had a regular waitress at the restaurant next to our complex who, when we'd walk in the door would yell "you drinking tonight?" and depending on our answer would have our respective drinks - alcoholic or not - on the table before she came to get our order. She also would put in our appetizer order so we could be served immediately. We ate out a LOT).

The thing I regret about this time is that we wasted so much food. We threw out chicken and vegetables on a regular basis for lack of use and age. I wish we had been more responsible about that sort of stuff.

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