Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chilly Cold

I am so cold. I know, those of you who live in the frigid north are probably rolling your eyes, but keep in mind that our concept of central heat is much different than yours, my winter wardrobe is primarily light weight sweaters and jeans, etc. So It's been in the 30's over night the last few nights and the 50's during the day with no sign of lietting up over the next week. I feel like my feet are frozen. The place I work at doesn't have heat at all - we have a small space heater, but I can't even put it in it's optimal place because the Fuss will mess with it, which is a safety hazard, ya know?

The girl who worked the afternoon shift at our northern-most store, got arrested on Thursday. It has something to do w/ her boyfriend dealing drugs, but meanwhile my dad is stuck with 2 open slots in the same time slot, so I'm going to be working a little more in the coming days. It's rough. I don't like working 5 days a week, but we can use the money and he can use the help. My psuedo step-mom also got laid off from her job at the end '09 so she'll be helping out some while she searches for another position and waits for interviews to come along. (She was a VP of a commercial loans dept in a local bank - you can imagine that she isn't too interested in making a career out of working the counter of a dry cleaners, but she'll always help out when she's available.)

I feel like I'm already showing - my new jeans are too tight, I look bloated in the belly. I was a little heavy when I got pregnant (like I was when I was pregnant with Fuss) but I really shouldn't be in maternity clothes already, should I? I wore a couple of maternity sweaters over the weekend - partially because I have a better winter wardrobe in maternity clothes (that aren't size 6) but I'm resisting the maternity pants for now. I love my maternity clothes, usually, but I feel like there is a line. And 4 weeks is definitely too early for stretchy pants.

Being near the dogs is driving me crazy. They smell so bad. It's their breath - they just got haircuts and baths 2 weeks ago, but whenever they get near me, I can smell them and I cannot stand it. My sensitivity to smells is gonna do me in. I've been joking around that the baby is already trying to kill me - like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. So I think, for now, we're calling the baby Griffin. But I'm not sold on that name.

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