Monday, January 4, 2010

Great Expectations

On New Year's Eve, I took an HPT. It was + almost immediately and I am very excited to be pregnant once again. I am feeling so much better about this pregnancy and maybe it was my subconscious suspecting that there was in fact a problem with that pregnancy. But while I know that there is still a chance that something bad might occur (and truly, until I hold a healthy baby in my arms, there is always that chance that SOMETHING bad could go wrong...) I just feel more confident this time around.

We are still tossing around temporary names for this one, but needless to say we will eventually have another little Fuss running around. We'll need to differentiate between them, so Fuss might get a new name sometime soon. We shall see.

I began taking my progesterone supplements immediately, which was the suggestion of my midwife the last time around. No real reason to delay it. Still taking my prenatals, but that never really stopped.

I'm hoping to get an appointment w/ the midwife for very late January/very early February. I should be about 8 weeks from LMP by that point. I am very excited right now. And I've already begun feeling some symptoms (my odor sensitivity has kicked in to high gear and we had to throw out our old living room rug. Thankfully, we got some money for Christmas and could afford a new one!)

We don't have a gender preference this time around, though I always think that having a girl would be easier. haha. We have a name picked out for each, already. The Chinese gender predictor charts claim boy 3 out of 3 times (w/ Fuss it was evenly split 50/50 depending on which one we looked at) but a friend recently sent me a link to a biorhythm chart which is predicting girl, so who knows? :)

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  1. I'm getting caught up on my reader and I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS. Congratulations! Woo!

    Also, if it makes you feel better, I wore maternity clothes almost immediately with Molly. They just FEEL better. You don't have to tell yourself they FIT better, they just FEEL better.

    Good luck, you!