Friday, January 22, 2010

I need a drink (and I can't even have one)

Why is it that when you're pregnant, you have so much stress (concerns over your new baby, your old baby, where both of them are going to sleep, how you are going to afford it, etc., etc.) and yet you can't have a drink to help you relax? It really blows.

Thursday afternoon, while getting ready to finally get some laundry done, the Fuss woke up early from her nap. She demanded milk AND juice, neither of which I had ready (she's little demanding when she first wakes up) and when I went to pour her milk, I discovered that the brand-new gallon of milk I bought yesterday had slow-leaked half the gallon all over my fridge. Fuss had tripped me when I brought it in yesterday and I dropped it, but it had looked okay (but obviously wasn't). The other thing I discovered (along with an ink pen that had mysteriously cemented itself to the the bottom of the fridge under the crisper drawer) was that I desperately need to clean out my fridge. I was hoping to leave that until the baby was born and my mom came over to avail herself of her cleaning services, but I don't know that that is going to happen. Methinks it's gonna need to be sooner than that.

Somewhere along the way, Fuss has acquired an obsession with deodorant sticks and stole one from the bathroom, shortly after I sat down after cleaning up the milk mess. I guess she will be clean and fresh this afternoon.

Then she wanted her paci, but we are phasing out the paci during waking hours, so she then had a major meltdown, which really didn't work for me, either.

Early today, she pooped in her diaper and then she stuck her hand down the back of her diaper and pulled some out. Yeah. She then tried to wipe it all over me and the chair I was sitting in, before I realized what, exactly she had on her hand to begin with. Yeah, it's been that kind of day.

I sent Daddy Fuss a text joking that I needed a drink. He wrote back, "water or a virgin margarita?" Ha ha, very funny. But I think I'm gonna have a breakdown before the night is through if things keep going on like this.

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