Thursday, January 7, 2010

Small Fry

Cold. Yes. Still.

I went through my archives the other day to see how I was feeling at this point in my pregnancy with Fuss. Apparently by 6 weeks (I'm currently 5 weeks) I was feeling some regular, if sporadic nausea in the mornings, but didn't start my regular throwing up until a little later. Should be interesting to see what happens this time around. My husband had a boy-vibe at the get-go, but yesterday was thinking it was a girl. My only leaning was that it might be twins, which kinda freaks me out. :) I can see the benefit of having 2 at once time, but... it also scares me silly.

I walked in the door of the grocery store this afternoon and smelled deli smells - specifically cheese, but I could picture it all - and I felt so sick to my stomach. I didn't gag or actually need to throw up, but it was a really awful feeling, regardless. I read once about a woman who had severe nausea from walking past the dairy dept in her grocery store and I'm really hoping this doesn't happen to me. I kinda like the grocery store and I'd hate to be miserable when I do my trips every week.

I gave up on my avoidance of maternity clothes. My pants are too tight - even the one-size-up pair of jeans I bought about 3 weeks ago - to button comfortably. I can't wear my jeans, which are my major daily clothing staple (plus it's cold, so jeans are the ideal choice anyhow) and while my maternity jeans are way too big right now, they are certainly more comfortable than a pair of too-tight jeans. I'm thinking about going out to find some others that maybe fit better, but will still grow with me during my pregnancy.

We named this little bean last night - at least until we find out the gender. Small Fry. I can't wait to see my little Small Fry.

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  1. AHh! So I haven't been to your blog in a couple weeks. I didn't know you were pregnant!!! Congrats! I hope is an easy pregnancy and I'll be praying for you!