Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catch Joy and Updates

I was at work today and and Fuss wanted to play catch. She was so cute. She's actually got pretty good aim... but since I was sitting down in my chair (parked in front of the heater) she had to to fetch as many balls as I tossed her. She was so cute running every which way after her bouncy balls... the look on her face was pure joy. It was one of those moments I never want to forget. Her little curly pigtails bouncing behind her...

The pregnancy continues on without much new happening. I have an appointment on Tuesday to hopefully see the heartbeat. I've had some minor spotting on and off, but it's been mostly darker spotting and it's been light in quantity. We're on on self-imposed "pelvic rest" which is annoying, but we're both thinking we'd rather be safe than sorry.

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