Monday, January 18, 2010

I got a case of the Mondays...

Ugh. It's Monday. And somehow we ended up with an unexpected cold snap again (not as bad as it's been, but I was expecting highs in the 70's and got 60's instead - and wasn't dressed for it).

My back is killing me. Like I had trouble sleeping last night because of the discomfort/pain. It is tight and feels so screwed up and I just really need some relief.

And the nausea has started with a vengance this weekend. I spent a good hour refusing to step too far away from a recepticle of some sort, afraid I wasn't going to throw up. It eventually dissipated, but oh my goodness, was it awful and tense and miserable. I've read about women who just have weeks and months of this nausea - not throwing up, but feeling like they wanted to - and I just don't know how I'd handle that. The last time, it seemed like it got better after I'd throw up, so there was that relief.

And I'm cranky and tired. I just want to curl up and relax and feel better. I can't believe I'm not even 2 months into this. I'm pathetic. :S


  1. is this a bad time to call 'GIRL!' ?

  2. Amanda, I can hope, but most everyone else is predicting boy. I think it would be easier to have 2 of the same back-to-back, but I'm really okay with either at this point.