Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Sushi?!?!

Last week at the Dr's office, my midwife gave me a nice little photocopied packet of info Do's and Don'ts for this pregnancy. A few things she said might be different from last time, etc. I don't know if that indicated that more research has been done, or a shift in "conventional wisdom" or just that we have a couple new OB medical personnel in the office now, but specifically, the new things I remember her pointing out were:
1. No drugs but Tylenol and Tums until 12 weeks. (Unless given by the OB staff) I don't remember being told the 12-week time line last time... After 12 weeks, I have a much clearer list of approved OTC medicines I can take for aches, pains, et al.
2. Don't lift anything over 25 pounds when exersizing (my question? does that include my 26 pound daughter? answer: just try not to carry her constantly)
3. No sushi. None.

And this is what is killing me.

I love sushi. Now, I'm a sushi roll sort of girl - I'm not into the chunks of raw/cold meats on a brick of sticky rice so much, but I love me some California roll, some Philly roll, some Volcano roll with lava sauce... (I'm drooling here as I think about it) and I've heard all the "no sushi when you're pregnant!" warnings, but I've also done some of my own research and learned that Japanese women don't drop their sushi when they are pregnant, so it's really a matter of being intelligent when you are consuming sushi. Make sure you're confident in the sushi-makers sanitary standards, etc. When I was pregnant with Fuss, I had occasional cravings for sushi and I would simply make sure that the rolls I ate were of the cooked-meat variety (smoked salmon, crab, shrimp tempura) and while that meant that I did have to skip a few of my favorite rolls, I still got my fix and everyone was happy.

And today my husband and I went to lunch at our favorite Thai/sushi restaurant up by his work. We started going there when it was only Thai food and loved it and it's where my husband had his first good sushi and it's been a favorite place ever since. I'd been thinking about Thai food there for a week or so and finally had the chance to go up and see him today and get some. I talked him into getting a sushi combo meal and I ended up filching some sushi from him because Oh My Gosh did it look good.

And I shouldn't have done that because after I had a piece of something, suddenly my Thai food wasn't as tasty. It was still good, but all I really wanted was that darn sushi.

I have a feeling that there is no way I'm going to make it without some sushi this pregnancy - I'm already starting to obsess about it and it's been less than an hour since we left the restaurant. There will likely be sushi in my immediate future. And to tell you the truth, I can't wait to have it again!!!!

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