Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes: Early pregnancy edition

1. Yeah. Maternity pants. I'm embracing it. I even bought some new ones from Target today. My favorite ones from my pregnancy with Fuss are really too big - so I got some that fit through the hips and butt better. Ironically, they are a number size smaller than the non-maternity ones I bought in December and they have room to grow.

2. The cravings and symptoms are setting in. I am back to loving vegetables and my boobs are killing me. (Fuss was climbing on me last night and she nearly brought me to tear with a well-placed punch to the chest - oof!)

3. At MOPs today, half the women at my table were publicly pregnant. Add in me and we're talking more pregnant to not ratio. I didn't announce my pregnancy, but I hope to next month. I'd like to have my first maternity appointment by then, so I'll be more comfortable letting people know once I've seen the heartbeat.

4. Today was the first day that it isn't miserably cold out this week. But this weekend is supposed to be even colder than the week has been. I was sort of planning to hibernate all weekend and just avoid going outside, but I realized that I have both responsibilities (grocery shopping) and plans (birthday lunch and a movie with my mom) so I can't just hide out. But we won't be going out more than necessary.

5. We're planning to start potty-training some time soon. I bought some books on Amazon that should be helpful. But I really want to get away from this incredibly cold weather before making her sit on that freezing cold seat at work, specifically. We shall see.

6. I'm also ready to move her into a big girl bed soon, but I don't want to introduce too many new things at the same time, so I guess I need to make some decisions on what is most important. I've got nearly 9 months + before she needs to be out of the crib, so potty-training will likely come first.

7. She likes to tell me she wants to go potty and at first I was happy to oblige. But she never actually goes and often it's the worst time to do it, so I admit I've been less than patient about it sometimes. I'm aware that my attitude is going to have to change if I really want her to get potty trained (I do. I reallyreally do) and so I'm working on that.

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