Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have been having this horrific (really? two "r"s and one "f"? seems wrong...) back pain this week which I attribute to a few things:
1. It's been so cold that my muscles are tense and tight and all my shivering is driving my back crazy
2. We moved our furniture around last week so the couch was more usable for snuggling in front of the TV, and my couch is far too big for me to sit on regularly, so I slouch and slump on it, with no support for my lower back
3. The muscle memory of pregnancy is setting in, reminding my body that it knows how to loosen up and doing so in a timely manner.
4. Random repetitive motion that is always the case when you are the mother of a toddler

So, despite the fact that I love my old chiropractor, he is too far away (mere minutes from my office at the agency, but approximately an hour round trip from my house) so I sucked it up and talked to a customer I've known for years who has his own chiropractic practice. I've had a few casual friends and acquaintances who have mentioned they've gone to him over the years, (and when I brought it up, he said he'd give me a discount!) I had my first appointment today (got a friend to watch the Fuss - much too long an appointment to drag her to!) and, mostly, I liked it. He told me a lot more details than my old Dr. (which was fine either way) and despite the fact that for the first appointment, I had to wear a hospital gown instead of remaining fully clothed, (that creeps me out for some reason) and 15+ years ago, I know this guy used to like to date significantly younger women (he's married now, much less flirty, etc. He dated a friend of mine back in the day - granted she was 10 years older than me, about 22 and he was in his mid-thirties... all perfectly legal and whatnot, but it was weird back then to me, the little 12 year old to see this "old man" dating my friend, but I digress...)

Several of my lower vertebra were screwy and my tailbone, so hopefully, I'm all better now.

Week 7 of my pregnancy with Small Fry and I'm still feeling the nausea, but haven't yet thrown up (knock on wood!) we shall see what happens.

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