Saturday, January 16, 2010


My mom's best friend's daughter (we refer to mom's best friend as my "aunt", so her daughter would be my "cousin") just had her 3rd child. Her first 2 were boys and she was thrilled to find out that her third (and likely final) was a girl. Her whole life her dream was to be a wife and mother, but sometimes I wonder about that.

She gave up breast feeding her first 2 in the first month because it was "hard." Never mind that they have no money and formula is expensive, it was hard, so she quit. My aunt was bragging to my mom (not in a bad way, but in a proud way) the other day that my cousin was exclusively breast feeding the new baby since she had just taken to it, and my aunt was so happy about this, but on FB my cousin is suddenly talking obsessivly about losing weight (she's 3 weeks postpartum - and she's never overweight - she eats like crazy when she is pregnant, but it never looks like she is going crazy.)

She's talking about all these crash diets - Special K, grapefruit, etc. And I'm sitting here going - "just keep BFing and it will melt off." Basically, I'm of the opinion that if she would just stop being selfish and do something for her kid, it will all work out.

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  1. Totally agree. She needs to be worrying about calorie intake being ENOUGH for her + baby and most definitely NOT worrying about limiting those calories. *sigh* How frustrating.