Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Niece, new diapers, no diaper bag

My SIL was induced this morning w/ baby #2. Her oldest is going to be 18 months in about 2 weeks. A little girl was born to them this afternoon, reportedly very easily (2 pushes and she was out). There are 2 name options on the table, but nothing has been decided yet. Family names are being used, and neither my husband nor I are very crazy about them, but we'll adjust and learn to love them, I'm sure. My SIL and I have VERY different name tastes, but that is okay. The world would be a pretty boring place if we all liked the same stuff, wouldn't it? Welcome to the world J or D! :)

It's funny, we have our next daughter's name picked out, should we be so blessed. We're not sharing, but our name will also be a family name - but (in my humble opinion) sounds a little more like it fits in the era which she will be born. :)

Anyhow, the Fuss has a rash on her hip - right under the stretchy tab of her diaper. It appeared last Thursday and has remained, regardless of what I do to it. I'm considering my options for trying to fix it, and I'm leaning toward trying some sort of cloth diapers of some sort. I asked around on the mommy board I frequent and the quick-fix suggestion is gdiapers which are in stock at my local BRU. I may go get some tomorrow.

And as I jump to yet another random topic today...
This morning I woke up with a headache and aching back/neck/shoulders. I asked DH to take over Fuss duty for the immediate morning. He brought her to me at work an hour later. He realized that he forgot his wallet and had to head back to the house. As he was leaving the parking lot, I realized that I had no diaper bag. No diapers, no wipes, no cream and 5+ hours before I was going to head home. My thought was "who leaves the house w/ a baby and no diaper bag?" I had even asked him to stock me w/ a couple extra diapers. I'm panicking at the thought and he's not answering his phone. Either of them. Eventually, I got ahold of, before it was too late, but he got mad at me! Said, "next time, you bring the supplies, I bring the baby." WTH?

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