Friday, August 14, 2009

The language of Fuss

I've been worried about the Fuss's language development for a little while, but some improvement has been made over the last few weeks. I mentioned my concerns to her pediatrician at her 15 month appointment (they asked if she had 5 words. She had half that - 2 that she used often, one that she occasionally said but didn't seem to know what it meant.)

Since turning 17 months, she has gotten a few more words. Her vocabulary thus far, is this:

Words she uses all the time, no prompting:
1. Dada/dah-dee
2. No
3. Go go

Words she uses regularly, with some prompting:
1. Mama
2. Wow
3. Yeah
4. the animal noises for dog (woof), cow (moo), lion (rahr)
5. Goo-gah (good girl - this she likes to repeat when I've told her she's been a good girl)

Words she uses occasionally, with or without prompting:
1. Meeee
2. Gah (often used for dog)
3. Cah-kee (cookie)

Wednesday night, for the first time ever she said Mama without prompting, directed toward me. I had run to the pharmacy to pick up Daddy Fuss's prescription and left her with her Daddy at home. When I came home, she ran to the door (as she often does when her daddy comes home) and started calling "mama! mama! mama!" It kind of made my night.

So we shall see what the pediatrician says this coming week at her 18-month appointment. I'm hoping she will agree to send us for an evaluation, because I'd rather be safe than sorry. Both Daddy Fuss and I were early talkers (I was saying "superfragilisticexpialidocious" around 14 months old) and we're very verbal now (hence my two favorite past times are reading and writing), so it surprises me that she isn't more verbal. But at the same time, she was an early crawler/walker, so I know that can make a difference in development.

I hope I get my favorite partner at the pediatrician's office this time. She's easier to talk to and I don't feel like she's patronizing me when I bring up my concerns.

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