Thursday, August 6, 2009

Babies, babies everywhere!

I'm surrounded. I've got a dozen or so friends who are pregnant or recently gave birth. And that's not even counting the friends I have on the pregnancy message board I joined when I was pregnant.

One of my old friends who I connected with while I was pregnant gave birth to a bouncing baby boy about a week ago.
My childhood best friend just announced she is having a boy!
My "cousin" just found out she is having a girl (which is especially exciting since she already has 2 boys and this is IT - no more babies. They are getting fixed after this one. Each baby was a pleasant surprise.)
Another high school friend who I found through Facebook and now we're hanging out again IRL is having a boy in November.
A friend I got introduced to via our husbands (they used to work together, became friends and introduced us so we're now friends and we do "couple things" together) just found out she is pregnant w/ baby #2.
Two of my cousins just had babies in the last 4 months - a girl and a boy, respectively. (Interestingly enough, my grandma has 6 grandchildren. 3 boys, 3 girls. Thus far, she has 3 great-grandchildren and they are producing same-sex offspring. Ie., girls are having girls and boys are having boys.)
One of Daddy Fuss's cousins just announced their pregnancy to the family.

I feel like every body is pregnant but me. Which is weird, since my closest friends are not and most of them are done. (My 3 closest girlfriends have 4, 2, and 3 kids each, respectively. Obviously, I was slow to join the reproduction bandwagon.) But regardless, there are a lot of babies entering my life right now.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to explore these feelings right now, as I have a 17 month old trying to strangle me from behind. But I'm hoping to give her a sibling before she actually kills me. :)

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