Monday, August 3, 2009

New opportunities

Over the weekend I attended a makeover event with a friend of mine. It was fun. And then we sat through a presentation which was essentially a recruitment spiel. It got me interested.

I'm not interested in climbing their ladder. I don't want to be a director and have a bunch of people under me (it's a multi-level marketing deal), I just want to be able to make enough money that I can quit my part-time job and still spend most of my time with my baby and future babies.

So I'm seriously considering it.

Daddy Fuss is supportive. We started doing some online research about the success of such a program. And naturally, there are a ton of horror stories on the internet, etc. But I know that you have to take a grain of salt with pretty much everything you read on the internet, right?

So I sent off an email to a friend who is involved with this program, but who lives too far away to be my mentor. I wanted her advice on the realities of what it takes, etc. and what to watch out for, etc. This girl and I were casual friends in high school, but she is the best friend of one of my SILs and we have kids the same age so we've kept in touch a lot the last couple of years. The only thing is, I don't know how often she checks her email... so I'm nervously anticipating her answer and I don't know when to expect it.

I don't think this is necessarily the answer to my questions about what to do with my life, but I think it might be a step in the right direction. I know I hate the job I'm doing now and it will be nearly impossible to do when I have a second child. At least if I find something else to do that would be of a different schedule, there might be a chance I could still be productive when we have a second child, when it will be even more important to do so.

When I've gotten more information and made more a more definitive decision, I'll share more about what this is (not that you can't guess).

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