Friday, August 28, 2009

Difficult - is that what you call it?

I had 2, count 'em - 2!, great post ideas this morning at work. I thought about writing them down, but then there was this little girl who kept coming up to me with books and wanted me to read to her, and I'm all about promoting child literacy, so... and now I don't have a clue what they were. I'm going to start writing this stuff down, honest.

We've hit another "difficult phase." Wherein the Fuss has decided to become "difficult." Daily. Hourly, even.

I now have to keep the bedroom and bathroom door closed at all times or both rooms will be pillaged for anything reachable (and since she's learned how to climb - even onto the toilet seat - most things are now reachable). She refuses to "remember" that I told her "no touching" to whatever item happens to be in her line of sight. I remember when that was working so well. Sigh.

She is going through a hitting phase as well - or maybe that's part of being "difficult." Where as she used to hit the walls, the floor, the couch with her little hands, now she is trying to hit me, her daddy, and the dogs. She's even been trying to step on or kick the dogs lately, something that is a major no-no. She throws things (my dad taught her to throw a ball - and the kid has a good arm! - but I'm really regretting that skill right now.) like books, toys, food, anything she can get her hands on. She almost never comes when I tell her to, and her temper tantrums have ramped up to the point where we can't seem to get through a wakeful period (3 per day if you break them up as the times between naps and night sleep) without a tantrum/time-out, let alone a whole day.

I am worn out.

I am ready for the weekend.

I am ready for her daddy to be here for 2 whole days to help out.

I was a dramatic, stubborn, willful child. Apparently, I am getting it all back. I grew out of it. Hopefully, I will survive to see her do the same.

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  1. This too shall pass...remind me of this as Em is in the same type of boat. Yesterday was a particularly bad day, hair got pulled, I was pinched. Ah, toddlers...