Monday, August 24, 2009

Aye charumba- IKEA

I spent Saturday morning with my mom, celebrating my birthday with a little mother-daughter time, where I am the daughter instead of the mother. We got pedicures and went to IKEA. I had been to IKEA once before - but we never went downstairs, since we were only there for ideas, not for buying.

This time, my mom and I went downstairs. Wow. It's like a whole second store. And while there were a ton of things upstairs that I liked and a handful of things that I planned to get, but when I went downstairs... I just wanted it ALL.

But shopping with my mom is AN EXPERIENCE. We don't have the same shopping style at all. She has to look at everything and I want to glance as I walk by the stuff I'm not interested, and focus on the stuff I am interested in. We spent more than 3 hours in IKEA. Two hours of that was upstairs before we even got to the buying part. Several time I said to myself "why did I think doing this with my mom was a good idea?" and then I reminded myself, "because she's paying."

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