Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning at Beach w/ Grandma

My mom and I took The Fuss to the beach this morning. She loves the beach and we can't hardly keep her out of the water. My mom loves the beach (and most outdoor activities) so she's been looking forward to taking her, but this is her first opportunity.

It was a pretty morning, but we started to hear some distant thunder and I saw a lightening strike far away, so we left after a bit. We went back to my mom's house, gave her a bath (The Fuss, not my mom - she can bathe herself) and put her down for a nap. Papa (my step-dad) watched her while she slept and we went out to lunch and took at some of those silly lady shops filled with candles and silk flower arrangements. It was fun, if a little pointless. Ha ha.

Sometimes those pointless moments are the best way to go. Sometimes just hanging out with your mom, doing nothing important is the right thing to do.

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