Monday, August 10, 2009

Our next trip

We are planning a trip to EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival this fall. We've been planning it for ages, and we've been planning to go with another couple. A kid-free trip, over night. We went 2 years ago, but I was pregnant and not all that into wine, so I enjoyed the food and Daddy Fuss enjoyed the food and the wine. It turns out that the couple we were going with just found out they were pregnant. It remains to be seen if they are going or not.

But we are getting very, very excited about the prospect. I'm researching lots of details - more than I did last time, since I didn't really know what to expect last time. We're budgeting a certain amount, and we're going to have to figure that out so we don't run out of money by 2:00, but overall, I am so psyched.

I really want our friends to go with us, but we will go regardless. I know we can have fun on our own, but it's nice sometimes to have another girl along.

I'm also thinking this is going to be our last chance to get away by ourselves for awhile. The Fuss is getting to the age where she is likely going to notice that we're leaving her behind for fun stuff, and with a new baby around the corner (we hope), both time and money are going to be at a premium.

We had been talking about a long-weekend vacation next year, but who knows how it will work with a potential new baby. If we get pregnant by the end of this year, the bulk of next year will be devoted to gestation and nursing. We won't be getting away from the kids easily, and certainly not to the desired destinations we had in mind. (New Orleans or Seattle)

I'm ready for a break - just some fun, some relaxation, and a break from being on-call all the time. And I love to spend time with my husband. It's nice to know that no matter what, I can enjoy time with my best friend.

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