Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Brightness, Birthday Blues

I had a wonderful birthday weekend. My mom and I got pedicures Sat. morning and then went shopping at IKEA, etc. Saturday night, we had 3 other couples over to the house for a dinner party (and lots of cocktails - specifically of the blackberry margarita variety - yum!) and had lots of fun. Today (Sunday - my actual birthday) my husband allowed me to sleep in (Fuss was at Grandma's) and brought me breakfast in bed. We had an easy, lazy day. It was very relaxing. We went to dinner w/ my dad and Grandma C tonight at Frenchy's - a local and tourist favorite on the famous Clearwater Beach. (It had been more than 2 years since I had been to Frenchy's - though my dad and I used to go there all the time - the area has changed so much that we got lost - oops!) After good food and a couple of rounds of "pass the baby" we wrapped up and got her home just in time to put her to bed.

I love my birthday - I look forward to it for months, with happy expectation, etc. It always seems so full of possibilities and fun.

But sometimes, at the end, when there are no more celebrations and nothing more ahead, I feel the letdown hit me all at once. I know it sounds ungrateful, but it's disappointing when it is over. Maybe it's that for one day a year my little world gets to revolve around me and when I have to go back to reality and back to the laundry and the dishes, I'm bummed. :)

This year I had a few extra minor disappointments. My grandmother's annual monetary gift was smaller than usual (which can be contributed to my slacker cousin needing a handout last week, I'm sure) and my dad "forgot" (I'm not sure what the story is) to give me his usual gift, so the new laptop we found on a great deal is not going to happen. I am bummed by this, since my current laptop is in serious need of retirement and there is no way that I can buy a laptop - even one for a great deal - with $50.
My sister also hasn't called. This could be because of the start of the school year or that Dad F (her father, one of my "adoptive" parents) is in the hospital recovering from triple bypass surgery this week. I know she is busy (any mother of 4 is busy, regardless of the rest of the stuff), so I'm not mad, but I'm a little disappointed.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

I loved spending time my my friends and family. I am blessed with wonderful people in my life. And this new year brings even more possibilities - with the hopeful addition of a pregnancy to look forward to, etc. I am also looking forward to what my employment future may bring - whether I begin a new venture or find something to my liking, the world is an open door right now.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!

    I totally get the downer after the big event. It's inevitable. But thankfully there's always something else to take its place, right?