Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Impatiently waiting

I had a temp jump today, but not a huge one – good because I was starting to worry that my last 3 days were very flat (2 were 97.21 and then 97.22). I’ve begun noticing cervical position as well and noticed it was very low today. I got my signs mixed up and thought that meant fertile, so we had a quickie this morning. It’s okay. It was practice, right?

I’ve had some sympathy cramps and lower back aches today, along with a (thus-far) mild headache. I took the Tylenol to stave off the worst of the headache and hopefully it will work, though – is it getting brighter in here?

Watched House last night – I came up with the diagnosis minutes before her announced it – I was SO proud of myself. I used to watch Baywatch all the time so I knew the symptoms of The Bends. Laugh if you will, but I learned a lot on Baywatch.

We finished watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars this week. Loved it. It was very good. I’m looking forward to beginning Season 2, but Mr Moose wants a break for a week or two. We’re still watching Season 2 of 24 and I’m ready for a break from that. I much prefer the fast-talking witty shows to those with lots of violence and explosions.

My SIL was diagnosed with PCOS today. I feel bad – and a little guilty (though I know I had nothing to do with it) for not wanting her to get PG right away when she began trying. I don’t know how she is taking it, as her email seemed very upbeat about it. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t understand enough about it yet. I know you can still get PG with PCOS, but there are some people who cannot. My college roommate is one of the unlucky ones. She, however has been blessed with 2 adopted children of her own. I don’t know that BIL will want to go that route. Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, I hope she is able to get treatment quickly and get pregnant soon.

Have you ever been temping and wanted to manipulate your chart so your temps jump or stay high or whatever? I keep having to remind myself to make them as real and accurate as possible because regardless of any manipulation, I either am or am not pregnant. The temps matter much less than the fact.

Impatiently waiting on O to occur. It’s getting really bad.

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