Monday, April 9, 2007

My weekend

We had 5 dogs in the house over the weekend (3 visiting, 2 who live there) dog-sitting for Mr. Moose’s family while they traveled to AL to visit family. I do not recommend it. We stayed busy and got little to nothing accomplished around the house because of it. We bought more plants, but they aren’t in the ground yet.

I’m occasionally getting these twinges in the area of my left ovary – the one they removed the cyst from last June. Making me concerned about whether or not I have another. Dr Google says it shouldn’t prevent me from getting or staying pregnant, so I guess I can ignore it for now. I’ll mention it in August during my annual exam. Maybe they can tell me if that’s the deal or not.

My cm was watery today, not sticky at all. But I’m on CD 7 – FF is saying I’m fertile, but that has to be based completely on the cm, right? I haven’t ovulated even remotely close to CD 7 in all the time I’ve been temping. Day 15 was my earliest. Oh, well – Mr. Moose will be thrilled when I tell him we need to get busy tonight. ☺

For anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile, you may have noticed the change in names on the blog in the last week or so. I had my first name and his name on the blog as they are in RL. He asked me to change it (though googling us brought no results) and so I did, for the mutual benefit of privacy. I have been mostly commenting on other blogs using my real name. With the exception of the ones who don’t let you choose, I will continue to do it. My name is unusual enough that anyone who knew me would figure it out and since I talk very frankly about my sex life here, it’s probably best to keep it a little more anonymous. We choose “Mr. and Mrs. Moose” because we love moose and we call each other Moose all the time. It’s a weird long story, neither of us are trying to imply that they other is hairy, furry and/or has a big nose.

Some friends of ours with a new baby – P and M – are moving back to our area soon. We are very excited about that. Mr Moose and P are friends from work (P got a new job offer about 2 hours N of here and they moved) and has now gotten enough of a promotion that he can work from home and wants to return to this county. We are thrilled. We had dinner with them on Saturday night. They don’t have the same religious affiliations, but they seem like they have similar parenting styles as we will have. They are both very practical and easy-going. I look forward to getting to know M better now that they are returning to the area.

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