Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The with cycle news and bomb threats

My spotting has stopped. I’ve been nauseous off and on and my chest is a little sore. My girlfriend S from work that has the same cycle as me (but is not ttc) started early, though, so I’m sort of expecting to start early if I’m going to. Note to self: carry protection in purse.

Mr. Moose is out of town again, but only for the day. He left very early this morning and comes home late this evening. That’s not so bad. I get a couple of hours of TV time all to myself and still get someone to snuggle up to tonight.

There has been a potential threat to someone in my building that may or may not include guns and explosives. Creepy. We’re all a little nervous, but the bosses are being purposefully vague as to what they want us/will allow us to do about our attendance on Friday (the day it’s all supposed to go down). On one hand, it seems far-fetched that anything would happen like that – and then I think about all the crazy things that have occurred in America in the last several years. Who wants to take that chance?

(The title of my post if in the style of the episode names of Friends. All their episodes were names "The one with..." and a description of the main plot point. I just felt like being odd today.)

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