Friday, April 27, 2007

Shoe, Shoo!

Just want you to know that I am going to be attempting to add pictures to my blog. I took some pretty ones of the flowers Mr. Moose bought me and of the flowers we’ve been planting in our yard, etc. They’ll probably go up this weekend, since they are a) on the home computer and b) I can’t seem to program well from this darn Mac. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mac computers. But there are many sites, including blogger and BabyCenter that are not as Mac-friendly as they should be. I guess they assume that Mac users are so evolved that they have all the programming code memorized or something. Mr. Moose is a PC geek, so we get a kick out those Mac/PC commercials on TV. LOVE them.

More downward creeping on the temperature. Pretty sure this cycle will end in the next 2 days. I’m not feeling overly lucky right now.

I’ve been obsessing w/ shoes for the last few days. I am not typically a shoe person. I have only a minor amount of shoes compared to most women.
My shoes:
Walking shoes (comfy outlet mall athletic shoes)
Knock-off Birks that Mr. Moose convinced me to buy since he practically lives in his
Black loafers
Brown Eastlands (the world greatest shoe – I’ve had them forever and can’t bear to let them go)
2 pairs white strappy sandals
White sandals
Blue heels that I hardly ever wear anymore
Black boots (knee-high)
Brown boots (1 ankle length, 1 knee high)

That’s it. Seriously. Oh and slippers. But those hardly count as SHOES.

But this week I’ve been obsessing over shoes. Heels, specifically, though I also want some black flats. I typically don’t wear heels, but I want some. So I think I’ve convinced Mr. Moose to let me go shopping this weekend. It’s a consolation prize.

I’m so incredibly moody right now. It’s probably PMS. I actually hope it is. On the off chance I’m pregnant, I don’t think I could stand to feel this way for months.

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