Tuesday, April 3, 2007

CD 31 or 1 (Now with update)

Last night my headache increased as I drove home from work and I went straight to bed upon arriving home. The pain was awful and I kept thinking “if I’m not taking my headache meds, I had better be pregnant.” I was awakened an hour and a half later by what sounded like a motorcycle (or 3) revving it’s engine right outside my bedroom window. Still with headache, still no sign of my period, and grumpy I eventually found out that some of our weirder neighbors had an ATV and were letting their children do donuts in their yard on it. Stupid, evil people. Mr. Moose’s dog, Buck was also making an extraordinary amount of random noise and so I figured maybe I could through him at the stupid people and accomplish silence. I didn’t, but only because my dear husband took me away to dinner to the sushi place down the street which is typically very dark and very quiet. I took some Tylenol (why didn’t I think to do that earlier? No idea) and ate my fantasy roll (yum!) and began to feel better for awhile. When the Tylenol started to wear off, however, the headache came back, though not so strong. I was able to watch an episode of Veronica Mars in the dark, with the volume on low. I still had not begun my period.

This may be TMI, but I convinced Mr. Moose to make love to me since sometimes that helps get the flow started and I’ve heard that it can help take away headaches. We did, and it temporarily relieved the headache until I got up to use the restroom. I had the SLIGHTEST bit of pink, but not really enough to even call it spotting. I had a little more overnight, so I’m hoping to start today if I’m going to. At this point, I don’t even care if I’m PG or not, I just want an answer.

Late this AM (like 10) I got enough to call it a light flow day. This is abnormal for me and I hope to have a significantly noticeable increase as the progresses or I will still be unsure. My BF, when she was PG with her first, had 2 days of her usual 4, which she described as a “funky period” afterwards. At the time, she chalked it up to her first month off BC (yes, I know – one of THOSE women) and continued on her merry way. She was, in fact PG and so every time I have a weird period, I wonder. If this one doesn’t rise to the occasion, I’m still planning to test in the AM. 30 days, people. I’m a 26-27 day person. I cannot remember the last time I saw CD 30. My early teens, maybe? Even then I was a fairly consistent 29-er.

The cramps, oh the cramps! Okay, it's CD 1 and I have given up hope! I admit it! And between trips to the bathroom and stresss at work, I don't really have time for the disappointment that is sure to come tonight, after the world has slowed down a little. But, at least i can drink my margarita (I've given up drinking unless I'm on my period) tonight without guilt or wonderment.

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