Monday, April 23, 2007

I have readers! Wow!

Heather, at Unexplain This! Nominated me for a Thinking Bloggers Award (I’m so excited! I have readers!) and so I have to share 5 blogs that make me think in return.

1. Heather, of course. I love that she is sharing her thoughts on what it’s like to be a new mother, and that she shares how rough it is to go back to work after maternity leave. She’s also recently done a series on painful memories of her Jr High days that have made me think about my own experiences.
2. Arwen. I’m not Catholic, but I am involved in spiritual things and Arwen’s struggle with unexplained infertility made me think from the very beginning. I love the thought that goes into each of her posts, how she tackles difficult subjects and educates (very well, I might add) her readers on her beliefs and those of the church in relation to current topics, like infertility, parenting, etc. I also love the adorable stories about Camilla and the great pictures she posts. The fact that she is a fellow Mac blogger also gives her points with me!
3. Julie, queen Julie. Anyone struggling with infertility and reading the blog scene has most likely come across her blog. I came across it myself when I was first thinking about getting pregnant. I’ve read her entire story, several years of archives. It made me laugh, it made me cry. She is always on top of things as far as current discussions of IF.
4. Jill at Langer Loksh. Jill was my first personal blog. Her son, Charlie, has a birth defect that she and her husband have to make some decisions about in the future and she has an adorable daughter, Summer who is a constant source of entertainment. Jill makes me think about motherhood, about how I would react in her situation and about Disney Princesses (you’ll have to check her out to find out what I’m talking about).
5. Julia, the now-famous (at least to readers) IF blogger. Julia has caused many discussions between Mr. Moose and I about what lengths we will go to to have children of our own. I greatly admire her ability to stay positive through the years of her struggle, and also her ability to deal with the exceptional child that is her son, Patrick who probably knows more about math and numbers at 4 years old than I do at 26 (this is not saying much. Numbers are not my strong suit).

So, ladies, if you are reading this, I hope you too will meet the challenge of writing about 5 blogs that make you think. And if not, just know that I appreciate all the work you put into your blogs and the sharing that you do.

In cycle news: I started spotting yesterday morning. I had a temp drop and then it spiked again this morning. I’m getting a little excited, but I’m cautious because I’m a week away from testing and the spike could be because I have a bit of a sore throat and could be getting sick. I’ve already asked Dr. Google what cold medicines I can take while pregnant, just in case. Thankfully, my favorite cold medicine, Tylenol Cold is on the approved list, per WebMD.

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