Wednesday, April 4, 2007

CD2 - Here we go

I have given up hope for the March cycle, regardless of temps. I got some “advice” on fertility friend regarding temps while menstrual and have decided to ignore the overly high temps for now. Slightly disappointed, of course, but at least I’m at the “knowing” point. And to tell you the truth (though I wouldn’t want to jinx anything by being picky – I would have been sublimely happy to have been PG right now) I didn’t really want a December baby. I always feel awful for kids who are born in December because their birthdays often get overlooked, etc. My mom and her brother were close to Christmas babies (hers is right after New Years, his was within a week of Christmas) and they hardly ever got to celebrate their birthdays as kids. Their brother born in August? Birthday celebrations all the time. So, I’m hopeful for this cycle – or even if I got PG some time this summer and had a spring baby – that would be PERFECT! I know, as well as anyone that you don’t get to “choose” when you get PG. It’s in God’s hands and we should just enjoy the “practice” we get to have in the meantime. It doesn’t mean I don’t chart/read the boards, etc.

I even joined a board on BabyCenter. Yea, me! I've been wanting to but it always seemed so awkward. So I finally did it. Wish me luck.

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