Monday, April 16, 2007

Whatever (I can't think of a good title)

I had a brief hormonal breakdown yesterday morning. I was feeling so incredibly ugly and fat and cow-like that I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror or have the lights on so Mr. Moose could look at me. He was mostly able to talk me out of it and I did get up and go to church, but I’m just so frustrated! I hate exersize and I love food, so dieting has always been very hard for me. I lost a lot of weight once on the South Beach diet, but every time since then that I’ve gone on it, I’ve gotten kidney stones from eating too much protein (and therefore too much calcium) and had to quit again. I’m attempting to eat better, healthier this week – taking it in small steps. Mr. Moose wants to start walking in the evenings again. I liked it a little when we were walking every night, but I always have a problem where I end up running to the door at the end of the walk because I need to use the restroom. My funny tummy and all.

In cycle news, I think I may have Oed? Not sure though. My temp this AM was in my usual post-O range and I had had a really low one Saturday followed by a higher one yesterday and an even higher one now. What is confusing me is that I’m ovulating earlier and earlier each month and last month, I ovulated earlier than normal and than had a long cycle. I thought your luteal phase didn’t change in length? Not that I’m complaining – I thought my LP was too short before – but I’m still confused. I’m having breast tenderness and lower back pain this morning.

The comments on the boards are that I Oed over the weekend. Okay. But maybe not based on past history. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Mr. Moose and I are going to have to continue with the Baby dance for another few days, JIC.

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