Monday, April 2, 2007

What the...?

My temp was down significantly this morning (to right at cover line, ironically) and I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of AF. After resisting the urge last night to take heartburn meds for several hours (I finally remembered that my BF had taken these during her pregnancy at her doc’s suggestion). BFN, without the single line to prove it. Of course, I actually said that 3 days ago, didn’t I and then recanted. I’d say the huge drop in temp probably clinches it. Sucks though.

I’ve even stopped spotting. I’ve got NOTHING to show for this low temp. Absolutely-freaking nothing! What is going on here?

On a totally separate, actually happy note – my sister is in the states and I just spoke to her on the phone! We’re in the same time zone! It doesn’t cost me a $ a minute to talk to her! Yea!!!! I’m going to get to meet my niece in another month. I am thrilled beyond words. I cannot say just how much she has been missed.

By the way, the HPT I took on Saturday? It showed up negative after like 30 minutes or more, but there was nothing before then. That’s weird, right? At the 3-minute mark it was completely blank. I went back much later to throw it out and it was negative. Sure, it could have been a true negative, but most likely the test was flukey, right?

The last 2 months, when I get the low temps I start right away – where is it this month? I can’t remember the last time I saw CD 30.

I just did a comparison to my post-O temps on the Fertility Friend chart gallery. There were plenty that had similar numbers, but each one that had a dip had their period the same day. The ones that had only slight dips or no dips each have positive HPTs.

I’ve got a horrible headache today and I’m terrified to take my Excedrin until I’ve actually started on the off chance (I know - hope sucks) that my temp this morning was wrong.

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