Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's in the bag

I carry a bag on a regular basis. I began this in Jr High (in addition to my book bag) as a way to carry around my $ and feminine stuff without showing it to everyone. We wore uniforms, and the girls’ skirts didn’t have pockets. I stopped carrying a purse my freshman year of college when I lived on campus in a N Georgia small school. We carried wallets with our keys attached and that was all we needed. Backpacks carried the rest. I began again when I returned home for good and didn’t live my life mere minutes from my home base.
I’m envious of those women who carry tiny cute little bags and purses. I don’t. I carry a large bag. My main requirement is that it is big enough to hold a book along with my other usual items. I went to a wedding for an old friend in 2003. One of my good friends from high school, Jessa, was there and she grabbed my purse and looked for the book she knew she would find. She laughed when she found it, 5 years after high school (when she and I hadn’t seen each other in awhile) and said “some things never change.” I learned the big bag thing from my mother, who while I was growing up, carried a large bag similar to that of beach bag wherever we went. I like having everything within my reach. But Mr. Moose is constantly telling me that I need to “lighten up” my bag. I’ve tried carrying smaller bags. But then I end up carrying my book separate which is annoying, and I never seem to have all my little gadgets that make my life so much easier. Plus, where would he put his wallet and phone when we go out? I will share with you what I carry and then probably laugh at myself when I’m done.

In my purse:
1 wallet containing picture ID, $20 cash, assorted coinage, Blockbuster card and my bankcards. Plus assorted membership cards, library card, a mostly-used Target gift card I keep forgetting about, and assorted receipts. (I used to carry pictures, but have stopped that of late)
2 check books (personal and joint)
1 calendar with assorted business cards tucked in for convenience. ( I used to have business card book with my own and others cards, but that became too bulky)
Nail kit (a gift from friend Kim at work for my birthday last year – it’s a really pretty leather case with this metal scroll work on the outside)
Sewing kit
Mini bag filled with 3 lipsticks and a moisturizing lipstick
Trident gum
Headache medicine of assorted brands, strengths and chemical makeup
Powder compact
Salt packets
Ring of keys to my daddy’s stores
Book (currently a Nora Roberts paperback, but this varies on a regular basis)
Feminine hygiene products of varying strengths
Joss Stone CD that I need to return to my step-father
Vanilla Sugar lip balm
iPod Shuffle
Nail files
Sample tin of lotion
Pocket knife
Umbrella sleeve
My new Nokia 5300 phone

In cycle news: My temp was sky high this morning (where it should be post-O) so I’m more confident in the accuracy of my O date. My chest is very tender – I discovered this last night when Mr. Moose was tickling me. Ouch! So I’m 4 DPO and counting. Oddly, I’ve been feeling quite hopeful today, though I don’t know why. Mood swings, I guess. Hormones all crazy-like.

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