Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The #s of fertility

So we read these blogs, this huge community of awesome women who are infertile. And we make friends on the boards – some are infertile and dealing with treatments, some are new to this whole trying thing, some recently had babies/are pregnant and spent so much time on the boards before they got that way that they don’t want to say good-bye to their friends. But seriously, what are the statistics on these things? Are they the minority? Mr. Moose seems to think so, my sister seems to think so…

I think my awesome OB/GYN, Liz told me that 80% of women under 35 get pregnant in the first 12 months of trying. That seems pretty good to me. But there is only a 20% chance each month of getting pregnant, so how does that work? Liz said, “eventually that 20% catches up with you” so to try for awhile before coming back to her and complaining that I had a problem. (my words, not hers – she is much to cool to tell me I’m complaining.)

My husband keeps trying me to stop obsessing. I’ve considered quitting the temping and just “letting it happen” though I’m thrilled that I discovered through temping that I O much later than I originally thought. I’ve always wanted to be “surprised” by a pregnancy – to realize 3 days after I was due that I hadn’t started yet, sneak a HPT at the office and plan a big surprise for Mr. Moose and my family to tell them there’s going to be a baby. I also know that I will regret not temping if I do have trouble and my Doc’s answer is “go home and temp for 3 months to figure out your cycle.

Mt friend, M (who will be watching our little one when I return to work) says she prefers “surprise” babies becaue then you don’t have to deal with the stress of trying, the stress of getting AF each month, etc. I thought I was going to like trying. That lasted for the first few weeks of trying. Now I’m ready. I want a baby.

So we’ve “officially” been trying for 2 (this is 3rd) months. We’ve purposely made love on schedule for 3 (this is 4) months and we’ve been off BCP for 5 months. When do I get to tell her my 12 months are up?

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