Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just a quick note

Being on a Mac is wonderful – except when you want to play with your blog. Heather asked for a picture – not only do I have to take one, but I’ll have to get Mr. Moose to post it from his PC, since there are limited option when it comes to programming, etc. when using blogger on a Mac. But eventually, I will, honest.

My body is doing some interesting things this month – or maybe I’m just more aware lately. I’ve noticed more tenderness in my chest and abdomen (ovarian pain) I’m feeling oddly hopeful, though I’m not sure why. I had this dream – recently where my mother-in-law was in such a stage of happy shock that she was going to be a grandmother. It was sort of a weird dream. I’ve seen signs everywhere, but I’m also a little afraid that this hope is going to be false hope and I’m just going to fall harder when AF comes at the end of the month. Somehow I will manage, I’m sure. And I know that many women have to wait a lot longer than I have thus far – please don’t think I’m not aware of that fact. Even my own mother had to wait a number of years to get me.

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