Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Takes (that have nothing to do w/ Luck)

1. Little Man keeps sucking on his bottom lip (it makes him look like a Cabbage Patch doll), but he sucks so hard, that he's basically given himself a hickey of sorts. It looks like he's got this horrible rash under his chin. Crazy kid.

2. We went to a bounce house play place yesterday with my MOPs group and Fuss had so much fun, but I think we've finally found something she's afraid of - really tall, fast slides. She went down one there and then climbed up again but was then afraid to slide down it again. I had to climb up (no small feat - as it was an inflatable ladder sort of thing, not meant for adult feet) and slide down with her on my lap. When Daddy Fuss took her to a park later that day, she told him she was scared of the big slide and would only go down the small slide. Who knew my fearless kid would find a slide intimidating?

3. I dropped off stuff to my friend's children's consignment sale yesterday and was able to shop a pre-sale. I got a few cute things for the kids and my friend M was able to get a couple of things for HER kids (since she drove with me). I'm really excited to get some money back for some of the stuff I have. I kept thinking of more things I could sell - if I get a nice check, then I think this could easily get addictive!

4. That being said, I'm stuck in a boy clothing quandry. The weather has gotten so warm (80's every day this week) that it's really necessary to dress the kids in summer clothes. But Little Man has only a handful of summer-appropriate items, but he's also at the top of this current size. I don't want to buy stuff in this size that won't likely last the bulk of the summer, but the next size up is too big. He can wear it, but it's really large on him. I have one set of half a dozen onesies and a few creepers, etc. But he has a very limited supply of nice looking clothes in this size.

5. My daughter is fabulous. She is friendly and fun and has SO much personality. But I'm starting to wonder if she's kind of bossy or too pushy to other kids, because sometimes when I see her interacting with other kids it seems like they don't always want to include her. I've felt like that my entire life - like I don't always fit in, like I'm not really included in groups of friends, only tolerated. I want to be good friends with people and a lot of times I feel left out of the "inner circle" and I don't want that for Fuss. I want her to be sweet and social and have best friends. The worry never ceases, does it?

6. I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow morning and I'm bringing the baby and Fuss is going to a volleyball tournament with Daddy Fuss to take pictures for Aunt LP's teams. (She's a volleyball coach) It should be interesting to see how that goes.

7. I went out to dinner with my friend M last night to have some girl time. She made the comment that she "lived to be a mom." I love my kids, wouldn't give them up for anything, but I don't know if I could honestly say that. I occasionally find myself oddly jealous of M who is going through an awkward separation in her marriage/family because she has some dedicated time to herself. (I have no desire to leave my husband or kids and my heart breaks for her when I think about it like that, but just some real time alone or without my kids would be nice sometimes!) I think this might end up being a whole other post in itself.

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  1. "like I'm not really included in groups of friends, only tolerated" I've also felt this way my entire life. Its not that the people don't like me, its just that (I think) they don't really care if I'm there or not. At least that's how I've always felt.