Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the road again...

So, apparently 3 years was the timeline for my daughter to be potty trained. And 6 mos was the timeline for my son to learn to roll over by himself. We've been very busy here at the House of Fuss.

In addition, we just got home fro our trip to Orlando and now I'm packing for our trip (sans Daddy Fuss) to GA. I'm feeling some pressure. So much to do, so little time, and how on earth am I going to make a long car trip with a potty training tot who likes to be able to sit on the potty A) whenever she pleases, and B) which seems to be every 15 minutes? (not always, but often. sometimes she holds it for hours....)

I am thankful that my friend M is coming with me, but I am baffled by her personal situation. She is currently separated from her husband. (It's a very long story) but they have 3 kids together, so you know, they'll never really be separated completely. But anyhow, so she committed to come with me, but her husband is trying to get Saturday off and he's talking about coming up, too, with the kids. Now, between us, we would have to take 2 vehicles anyway because of all the kids/carseats, But I can't seem to figure out if he would be caravan-ing with us, or if he would just happen to be going up at the same time. I have no idea where he and the kids would stay (we're staying with friends of the family) and I don't know if I'm expected to make arrangements or expected to "stick with him" when we travel... and it's just awkward.

We're all old friends from way back, so I understand why he wants to go. But it's still baffling. And it makes me wish my husband was coming with me even more.

I HATE being away from my husband. I really like being around him as much as possible. I like having his companionship, his help with the kids, his support, his strength (both physical and emotional)... so leaving him for even a few days always makes me sad. I'm kicking myself for telling him that if I could find someone else to go with me, that he wouldn't have to.

But we'll be fine. It'll be a whirlwind or a trip and we'll be home on Monday night. It'll be nice to see a bunch of family friends who I haven't seen in awhile. It'll be fun to spend that much time "alone" with M and really get to talk. (We never get lots of time to talk together.)

I'm almost packed and it isn't supposed to be nearly as cold this time, so I'm not as worried about the quantity of clothes or the weather/driving conditions, etc.

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