Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday: Foodie version

1. What is a food that you never thought you would try, but then tried and liked?
I could say a bunch of things, if we go back a number of years. Growing up, I was a very picky eater. It wasn't until my (now) husband started to cook for me regularly that I broke out of my chicken-and-pasta rut. Buffalo chicken, Asian food (sushi, Thai, even Chinese since my mom's version of Chinese food was that canned stuff that looked like mucus surrounding bean sprouts), escargot. Also BBQ. I found a version that I love (hello spicy Texas BBQ sauce!) and I'm now addicted to a good non-molasses-based BBQ sauce.

2. Do you subscribe to any foodie publications? If so, which ones?
Nope. I like food, but I'm not so into reading about food.

3. What ingredient do you find yourself reaching for the most when you cook?
Garlic powder or Garlic salt.

4. Are there any foods that you hated as a child, but then learned to like as an adult?
Vegetables in general. BBQ. All sorts of Asian food.

5. What do you like to eat that others may consider weird?
Black liccorice? So many people hate that taste. I LOVE it. Also really spicy food.

6. What is the weirdest ingredient you’ve ever cooked with?
I have no idea. I leave the creative and different stuff to my husband.

7. Do you have any major food allergies?
I have a major sensitivity to MSG and related products. And my daughter can't eat peanuts or peanut butter.

8. Is there an ingredient that you would like to cook with, but are intimidated to try?
I can't think of anything. Like I said, I usually leave the creative or unusual to my husband who is willing to try anything twice.

9. Do you bake?
Yes! I LOVE to bake. I wasn't a very good cook until I got married (my husband taught me to cook and to enjoy it.) - I was intimidated by meat, if you want to know the truth. But I have always loved to bake. Ever since my Easy Bake Oven days. One year for Christmas I made 15 different types of cookies from scratch (pre-kids, of course.)

10. If you could go on any “foodie” show to compete, which one would it be, and why?
No clue. I can't even think of any that I know the title for.

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