Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too much stuff

I remember realizing as a kid that I had SO many toys and that if I only had a few, I would appreciate them more. But I liked them all just enough that I didn't want to give them up. It was a slippery slope. And something I've dealt with ever since. I like "things." I want possessions. I like gadgets and books and things to hold on to. I'm not greedy, per se (although, I admit that it can sometimes come close to that on occasion), but I like having things and buying things and being given things...

When we were pregnant with Fuss, we decided that we were going to have a minimal amount of kid toys in the house. And at birthdays and Christmas we would sort through the old toys and donate or put away the ones she didn't need anymore to make room for the new things. I think part of the reason I prefer not to have parties for her is to avoid the CPC (Cheap Plastic Crap) Syndrome. I hate getting a bunch of junk for her, though I do like to see her happy. And I like to give her things and let her pick out things. She's such a little shopper...

But the thing is, it's gotten out of hand. Her room is a disaster, despite the many bins and such that I have bought to keep things organized, there are toys all over the floor. Because she has such a big space and it's her own little play room, I've not stayed on top of her while she's playing to put something away before she gets another something out. So there are blocks and play food and dishes and costumes all over. There are 42 stuffed animals and dolls in her bed.

I have the thought of throwing up my hands and dumping all of it and starting over. Both in her room, and in mine. But I can't afford to start over, so I have to put in the effort, despite my exhaustion. Despite my irritation at the projects at hand. I feel like I'm always treading water with this organization thing. I feel like I can never seem to move forward because the task at hand is so big and crazy that I can't ever really make a dent in it.


  1. I also have a terrible time getting rid of stuff. I think it would be a good idea to try to start teaching Fuss about paring things down, because I’m sure the fact my parents are also pack rats and never made me get rid of anything didn’t help. Not that I wouldn’t still be this way (I think it’s just personality…), but it’s never a bad thing to learn skills for managing it. The only reason we’re having success clearing out our storage room is because I’m in that pregnant-and-MUST-get rid-of-stuff phase. Maybe you just need to have another baby!

  2. I always have that "just get rid of it!" phase in pregnancy, too. I've done well the last 2 times. But I can't get pregnant yet. For a couple of reasons. :) But we're hoping for #3 in another little while, so maybe I'll spend the whole pregnancy getting rid of stuff and be purged by the time the baby arrives. :)

  3. make a commitment for the next month (or week, whatever works) and make it a point to go in her room and pick out THREE toys (or one, two, whatever) to go into a box in the garage (or easily accessible storage area that she won't find them). Do this everyday until the box is full then take them and donate until you feel you have her room under control. This method will work for any room in your house, btw. :)