Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I was writing these in my mind at 1:30am when my son decided that he needed to eat in the middle of the night. Never mind that he was too distracted to eat during the last 2 feedings I tried to give him during normal business hours. (My in-laws were over and he wanted to see what was going on.)

2. A feverish Fuss is one who is more cuddly than usual, but a fever around 101 equals all the personality, and more cuddles. Too bad I can't keep that going...

3. I feel better enough to function, but every time I cough (which is often) I feel like the right side of my head might explode.

4. I am on the look out for cheap summer dresses for Fuss. She's back into a "dress" phase but I don't want her wearing her Easter dress to play in. I think we'll be making a run to Wal-mart soon to pick up some of the sundresses like I got last year. They sell a bunch for $10 or less. I have a couple of cute "skort" type things for her, but I think she likes the convenience of being able to lift up her dress to go potty (and whatever keeps her potty trained, you know?) so the shorts get in the way.

5. We went out of the house yesterday, took Fuss to the Dr, got lunch out and then stopped by to visit some old friends who were having a garage sale for a short bit. Then my husband made corned beef and cabbage (he's Irish) for dinner and we invited the in-laws over and ended up having a last minute family dinner.

6. We broke out the Exersaucer yesterday and I need to wipe it down with Clorox wipes, but I think Little Man is going to have a fun playing in it. He had a fun time in the church nursery the other day looking at all the play things on the circle and I'm looking forward to watching him have fun with ours.

7. My friend Amy is hosting a semi-annual children's consignment sale in the Countryside area next weekend and I'm signed up to sell stuff. I'm hoping to be able to buy some stuff for the kids as well.

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